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Hello, my name is Ellen! And I'll be your personal virtual solar energy consultant! I help empower homeowners during the solar panel purchasing process.

I am here to guide you and provide as much information as I can for you by offering advice along the way exactly as I would if I was sitting at your kitchen table.


My goal is to provide more unbiased information for free than any other solar energy website out there. In the end, you'll receive your Free Solar Report that reveals how much your solar setup will cost you.

Sound fair? Then let’s get started!

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Here’s How

Solar Energy Works


The consequences of not taking action on burning fossil fuels include

  • Sea Level Rise leading to flooding of coastal cities and islands.
  • The lack of snow, ice, and rain will cause massive water shortages leading to wars over dwindling resources.
  • Hurricanes and Fires will continue to increase in intensity year after year.
  • The warm temperatures will lead to more pandemics and the endless spread of disease.
  • Agricultural zones will continue to experience flooding and tornados driving up the cost of food.
  • Human health will be jeopardized for generations to come.
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Understanding How Solar Panels Integrate
with Your Home and Electric Bill.

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How many KWHs

would you like to produce for your home each year?

Ask Ellen

Your KWH GOAL is the most important number you will need when designing your solar plan. The number of KWHs will allow me to determine what size solar system will meet 100% of your needs.

An average american home will typically spend around $1430 a year on electricity. Covering all their usage with solar panels can reduce the electricity bill to around $10 a month.

The Earth is currently trapping and absorbing heat because of an excess of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Burning fossil fuels for electricity is causing a Greenhouse effect.

Solar panels produce no CO2 emissions.

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What kind of report would you like?

Do you know your average monthly electric bill*

Have you recently purchased an electric vehicle and are now charging at home or plan to purchase one shortly?*

Are you upgrading gas appliances to electric?*

Are you adding an air conditioner to your home?*

How old if your current furnace and/or air conditioner?*

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How much Solar Access

does your roof get for your Solar Panels?

Ask Ellen

The higher your current energy bill the more you will save each year. Generally, homeowners with electricity bills $300+/month will see a return on their investment in 4-5 years. On the flip side if your bill is under $50/mo it may take 15+ years to see a return on your investment.

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How much shade does your home typically get?*

I can also help you determine accurate shading of your property*

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What is your

Roof Type?

Ask Ellen

All solar companies will have access to Zero Down financing options. If you can afford your electricity bill you can afford solar energy. Many times these monthly financing payments will be lower a month than what you are currently paying for electricity.

Many Solar Installers are also licensed to install roofing. If you bundle the cost of a new roof with your solar energy system you can get a 26% federal tax credit on the whole package.

A roof and electrical panel are necessary parts of a solar energy plan and therefore qualify.

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What type of roof do you have?*

If you can, attach a picture of your roof to a better evaluation (Optional).

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How old is your roof?*

Would you need a new roof?*

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What is your

Electrical panel type?

Ask Ellen

The Current Federal Tax Credit is 26% for 2021 and 2022. the (ITC) Tax Credit reduces to 22% for residential installations in 2023 and 0% in 2024.

ALWAYS check with your Tax Professional before purchasing your solar panel system. EVERY TIME!

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Which electrical panel most closely resembles the one on your property?*

Brand-new electrical panel

Panel is in acceptable condition

Worn panel that needs an upgrade

No space available to install solar energy

Complete electrical panel ‒ may need to add a subpanel

Electrical panel ‒ Not SURE

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from completing your virtual consult and receiving an accurate solar panel report!

Ask Ellen

The average solar energy system is around $13,000. For a home this size over the next 25 years they will spend around $100,000 on burning fossil fuels for electricity.

Your clean energy solar panel system will pay itself off on average 8-10 times over.

May 2020 the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was measured at 416 parts per million.

The highest it has been in human history.

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Your Solar Panels, Inverter, and Mounting System will all come with 25-year manufacture warranties.

Based on your answers, we recommend the REC 370 Alpha Series solar panels for you!*

Here are other options:

Select your inverter. The inverter is the brains of your solar energy system. I also recommend the Solaredge inverter.*

Now, would you like to add battery storage to your solar energy system?*